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Great War Salvo - North Sea Expansion

Great War Salvo - North Sea Expansion

Avalanche Press

  • £7.99

GWS! North Sea Expansion contains three counter sheets (#6, #7, and #8, counter numbers 141-224), and, for a limited time, Additional Ship Set B will also be included with this Expansion at no additional charge. Included with this Expansion is a four-page Standard game rules folder, Reference Card, game markers, and a total of 112 new ships focusing on British and German vessels. If you have Great War Salvo! 2nd Ed. you'll want these new ships, and they fill out most of the British and German fleets, and will enable you to replay WW1 encounters, including Jutland. While this is a fully playable game on its own using the Standard rules, to make full use of this expansion, you will need the system rules and options contained in Great War Salvo!

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