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GODSEND Agenda: Mythos

GODSEND Agenda: Mythos

Khepera Publishing

  • £15.99

Godsend Agenda Sourcebook by Khepera Publishing Included is; * Artifacts of wondrous power used by notable figures in myth * Two new organizations: The 5th Sun and the World Serpent * Introduction and write up of the Norse and Ashanti Pantheon * Expanded encounter and chase rules * Renown and Agenda rules to expand your character?s role and influence on earth * Pantheon rules for creating truly godlike super beings and the organization they belong to. * A full length globetrotting Victorian adventure featuring exciting locations such as England , Africa, and China * A full length adventure pitting players against outer gods from beyond our realm of reason. * Several Short adventures set in the world of GODSEND Agenda. * Over 20 new characters to use in your super heroic adventures

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