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Godsend Agenda: God-Maker (D6 System) – reduced price*

Godsend Agenda: God-Maker (D6 System) – reduced price*

Khepera Publishing

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What would you do if you had the power of a god?


Better yet...


What would you do if you were an 18 year old high school kid with SUPER POWERS?


It started out as a class trip to some old Native American ruins. For some students, however, it becomes a nightmare when they are granted superhuman powers. Now they have to avoid the government, fight off otherworldly threats, and learn how to control their new abilities, all while preparing for high school graduation.


God-Maker is an introductory adventure for GODSEND Agenda. Designed to start the characters on their journey to superhero-dom. The scenario is the perfect way to bring a new group of heroes together for a one-shot convention demo or start a new campaign.


Using this adventure, a gamemaster can:

  • A full length adventure set in the world of GODSEND Agenda
  • Establish an existing relationship between characters
  • Provide a background for how the characters got their powers
  • Give the player characters a rough introduction to What's Going On in the metaplot, allowing them to proceed from there.
  • And so much more!
  • Compatible with all D6 products to date
  • Superlinked for use with all Mutants and Mastermind products

Using "normal" teenagers to start the adventure, God-Maker allows the characters to learn firsthand the implicit responsibility of greater-than-normal abilities, and the separation this creates between them and what used to be their normal lives. Players can create their characters to better suit their attitudes before the incident, and determine how those same characters will react to the unexpected situation they find themselves in.

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