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Gateway: Uprising - reduced price*

Gateway: Uprising - reduced price*

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For 2-4 players, ages 13+, playing time around 45-60 minutes.

Magic was outlawed in the city of Gateway when the evil Chancellor Gideon took over control many years ago. However, he couldn’t snuff out its use entirely, and now you’re going to have to rely on the old traditions if you hope to save the city. Monstrous beings, the Drueggar Horde, threaten to destroy Gateway. You’ll have to acquire the knowledge of new spells and recruit a ragtag team of rebels to fight at your side. Gateway Uprising is a unique combination of deckbuilding and area control. You’ll have to balance working together with your opponents to fight off the Drueggar Hordes, with taking control of districts by yourself. You share common goals, but in the end, there will be only one winner, or if the city falls… none.

Players of the deck-building card game Gateway: Uprising take on the roles of insurgent wizards determined to reclaim the Great City of Gateway.

Each player begins with the game with the same starter resources of basic insurgent wizards, merchants, and a magical Runestone - but from there the similarities end. Players will draft new wizards, heroes, and magical creatures into their ranks, building up an army to defeat and defend the different districts of Gateway.

After successfully liberating a district, the player gains access to its unusual power, such as cheaper resources, additional defenses, or even the ability to magically damage foes from afar. Be warned: Not only will other rebel insurgents attempt to steal your districts away from you, but you'll also have to battle against the forces of Chancellor Gideon and an invading onslaught of terrible monsters called the Drueggar.

To aid you in this are Runestones - powerful one-time-use spells that can turn the tide of battle instantly or provide the player with a temporary boost to his coffers. However, once used, Runestones become empty shells and are discarded for the remainder of the game.

To win the game, players must collect victory points by defeating the city guard and Drueggar Horde, controlling important districts, or through special insurgent abilities they draft into their ranks. Don't delay and play the waiting game -- if the Drueggar manage to take all the city districts, it’s game over for both the insurgents and the innocent citizens of Gateway!

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