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Ganz Schön Clever - Kids (That's Pretty Clever - Kids)

Ganz Schön Clever - Kids (That's Pretty Clever - Kids)


  • £14.99

For 2-4 players, ages 5+, playing time is around 15 minutes.

It’s a party! There are plenty of sweet treats, presents and balloons to pop. Roll and choose your dice, and cleverly cross off the symbols. Keep an eye out for rainbow stars to help you, but watch out, your leftover dice can be used by other players.

Are you clever enough?

 What’s in the box? 

  • 5 Dice
  • 1 Block of Scoring Sheets
  • 4 Pencils

How to play:

You do two things during your turn:

  1. The starting player rolls the dice, selects the dice they want from the roll and crosses off the matching symbols on their game sheet
  2. Their fellow players select from the remaining dice and cross off the matching symbols on their game sheets

The starting player rolls all five dice. The player can then decide which dice they would like to use and crosses off the matching symbols on their game sheet. They can select all of the dice with the same background colour plus all of the jokers that were rolled. If the player cannot use any of the dice, they are allowed to roll them all again. They roll the dice until they are able to use at least one die.

After the starting player has crossed off their symbols, all of the other players are then allowed to pick a background colour from the dice that the starting player did not use. The other players may now cross off the symbols from the dice they selected on their game sheets. The other players do not take these dice, which means multiple players can use the same dice. If one of the other players is not able to use any of the remaining dice, they simply lose out and are not able to cross off any symbols during the round.

The game ends when one player has crossed off all of the symbols in one of the four coloured areas. If this person is the starting player, their fellow players are allowed to use the remaining dice. After the game is over, circle all of the rainbow stars on your game sheet that you were able to collect during the game. In the yellow, red and blue areas, this includes all of the stars that are next to a crossed-off symbol. Now add up all of the rainbow stars that you collected and write the number in the rainbow star box. The player who collected the most stars wins. If several players have the same number of stars, they all win.


This game is a kids version of the popular Ganz Schon Clever and reinforces kids math skills.

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