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Fudge: A Magical Medley - reduced price*

Fudge: A Magical Medley - reduced price*

Grey Ghost

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Medicine man, astromancer, magician, monk, sorcerer, occultist: A Magical Medley has something for everyone!

Inside this book are several magic systems and much magic-related miscellany for use with Fudge and other role-playing games.

Six fully developed magic systems: African Spirit Magic Bioenergetics Celtic Magic Chinese Magic The Gramarye Occultis Origins Awards Nomination Seal Magical Items from the Amulet of Beneficial Quantum Manipulation to the multi-purpose Wizard's Cloak

Magical Adventures: The Tomb of Shrak Ironfist is a complete adventure in the classical 'dungeon crawl' style, rich in magical traps and treasure. Several adventure 'seeds' will help you design your own adventures.

Origins Award Nominee!

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