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For The Crown: The World is Round - reduced price*

For The Crown: The World is Round - reduced price*

Victory Point Games

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Victory Point GamesThis is a game expansion, NOT a complete game.

The second expansion to For the Crown, The World is Round introduces several new units with the ability to move in a cylindrical fashion � moving off the edge of the board and re-appearing on the other side. Rush your opponent with the vicious Raider, and command your troops with the Khan. Take charge of the battlefield and utilize maneuvers that will make your opponent's head spin with The World is Round.
Note: For the Crown expansion kit 2: The World is Round is not a �stand alone� game. You must own a copy of For the Crown 2nd edition to use it. This expansion kit cannot be used with the first edition of For the Crown.

Game Data:

Complexity: 3 on a 9 scale
Solitaire Suitability: 2 on a 9 scale

What's In The Box?:

� One two-sided Rules sheet
� 53 thick, two-sided, laser-cut game units
� 50 deck-building cards
� One bright red, 9 1/4� x 5 7/8� Standard cardboard VPG game box
� One beautiful box cover sleeve
� One �Wipes-A-Lot� napkin
� One charcoal desiccant packet

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