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Farmers vs. Empire

Farmers vs. Empire


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StrategemataFor 2 Players, Playing Time Approx 300 Minutes

The game presents the struggles that took place during the Second Boer War between 1899 - 1902. The game consists of four phases and each is divided into 22 rounds. During rounds, players perform certain actions. The first and second phase of the game reflect the regular phase of the war. The third and fourth phases are constructed differently, because they represent a specific phase of guerrilla warfare.

The game uses the point-to-point system, six-sided dice and a deck of battle cards.

The game map represents Cape Colony, Natal, Orange Free State and Republic of Transval. Each game phase corresponds to 3-9 months of real time. Military units (infantry, cavalry, artillery, tribals, machine guns, trains) are represented by abstract battle cards.

During the game the players will carry out a series of operations (move, fight, events, special actions) using random actions (1 to 3 on the round of the game).

The introduced game events directly relate to historical events, directing the moves of players during the game.

Battle cards are used to resolve combat in situations when contact between commanders of military formations is established. Depending on the phase of the game or the commander involved the combat may be a battle or a skirmish.

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