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Fantasy: H.G.Wells' Little Orc Wars

Fantasy: H.G.Wells' Little Orc Wars

Skirmisher Publishing

  • £3.99

Miniatures rules from Skirmisher Publishing.

H.G. Wells� Little Orc Wars is a miniatures game based on the rules and concepts published by the genius science fiction author nearly a century ago. It is, in fact, one of the most flexible, innovative, and fast-paced miniatures rule systems for use with fantasy miniatures and models ever created. Indeed, a primary feature of this game is that it can be played with virtually any miniatures, setting it apart from the vast majority of fantasy miniatures games, which demand that only their branded products be used in play.

This booklet contains a fast-play extract of an expanded rules set being published by Skirmisher Publishing LLC. Other highlights of the complete book include guidelines on building props and models; examples of play depicting some of the best wargaming models currently available, including those by the Miniature Building Authority, Armorcast, Fantascene, Dwarven Forge, and Flying Tricycle; and action-oriented images of miniatures in play.

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