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Fantasy Craft: Adventure Companion

Fantasy Craft: Adventure Companion

Crafty Games

  • £16.99

Every Hero Needs a Good Companion

Frodo had Sam and Conan had Subotai, but neither of them had this ultimate companion. Whether you're battling demons in the harsh and savage land of Epoch, exploring the mysterious ruins and rivers of Sunchaser, engaged in high stakes fantasy intrigue and espionage in Cloak & Dagger, or just looking for some new ways to shine in any world you visit, consider this invaluable tome your guide to victory.

Find Your Hero's Path Three fully detailed campaign worlds 12 Base, Expert, and Master Classes Over 150 Specialties, feats, tricks, and Paths A universe of gaming possibilities! The Adventure Companion is an essential addition to every player and GM's Fantasy Craft library, offering all the tools, tricks, and talent to face down whatever the opposition throws at you'and come out on top.

Don't Leave Home Without It

Authors: Alex Flagg, Scott Gearin, Mark Newman Artists: Joe Acone, Jared Blando, Joseph Caesar Domingo, Nick Egberts, Paul 'Prof' Herbert, Veronica V. Jones, Ben McSweeney, MKULTRA: William Reyes, Chris Quilliams, Hugh Allen Vogt 144 pages

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