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Ewen's Tables Zine

Ewen's Tables Zine

Yaruki Zero Games

  • £3.00

“Ewen’s Tables” is a series of zines withf tables for randomly generating titles, names, and other nifty stuff using a couple of six-sided dice or whatever substitute you can conjure up. Bust through creative blocks, come up with characters names, or just entertain yourself with stupid, nonsensical names for things.

The Ewen’s Tables Zine is a collection of 23 especially silly tables, including a special table for zine titles that’s exclusive to this collection.

Zine Titles
Affectionate Pet Names
Names of WHIMSY
Pet Cat Names
Workshop Games Names
Anime Title Generator
Paranormal Romance Titles
D&D Prestige Classes
Vampire Names
D________ & D________
Post-Apocalyptic Character Names
Tech Companies
Wrestling Moves
Superhero Comic Events
Christmas Songs
Japanese Snacks
Music Genres
Terrible 70s Recipes
Approximations of My Name
Weird Names
Alternate GM Titles Table

This is a 24-page zine, hand-assembled in an 8.5" x 5.5" format.

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