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Durance: Surveyor Cards

Durance: Surveyor Cards

Bully Pulpit

  • £8.99

This high quality deck of cards is a supplement for the Durance roleplaying game and includes all of the colonies and planets, as well as the planet/colony survey assessments, putting everything you need in easy reach.

This is a full-color deck of 65 standard-sized cards printed on premium card stock, double-sided, with rounded-corners and a low-gloss UV Coating, making it an attractive addition to your tabletop game. Here's what's included:

12 Survey Factor Cards (six Planet and six Colony cards) make the process of choosing the details of your world quick and easy to understand for new players; 

20 Planetary Survey Cards - a unique planet for each combination of planetary factors. Once you've determined the factors that describe your world, pull out the matching card for easy access during play;

20 Colonial Record Cards - a collection of colonies that match each combination of colonial factors. Find the colony that matches your choices and place it next to your planetary survey card;

12 Special Settings Cards - These are custom settings you can choose to use instead of following the normal process. They come in matched planet/colony pairs and were designed by Clinton Nixon Dreisbach, Graham Walmsley, Rafael Chandler, and Chris Bennett. In addition, there is a set of planet/colony pairs that represent the best and worst combinations of planetary factors for advanced play. "Durance Station" offers everything a colonist could need and Helgrind is a complete wasteland, lacking even the basics for survival. Good luck!

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