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Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers 1/3000 Rules + Jutland Ships

Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers 1/3000 Rules + Jutland Ships

Minden Games

  • £5.99

This is a set of specially produced 1/3000 scale ship counters, for use with any Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers rules. A total of 106 ships (BB / BC / B / AC classes) on five cardstock countersheets, this set focuses on the British Grand Fleet and German High Seas Fleet, and covers the capital ships that fought at Jutland, along with ships from other theaters. An Introductory 12-page rule booklet, D&B 1/3000 Miniatures Rules, is also included, which contains the basic game rules. The ships are identical to other ships in the D&B series, except at larger, standard 1/3000 scale. The rules from any D&B game may be used with them. These ships are a great alternative to expensive, metal miniatures; counters measure 3.5� x .88�, with ships drawn to scale.

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