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Double Cross Advanced Rulebook - reduced price*

Double Cross Advanced Rulebook - reduced price*

Shunsaku Yano, F.E.A.R

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Shunsaku Yano, F.E.A.RThe Advanced Rulebook is the first supplement for the Double Cross game. It introduces new mechanics like the following:

Trait Loises
By sacrificing one of your Lois slots, you acquire a special ability that distinguishes your character. While these abilities are powerful, the loss of a Lois slot means that you are more likely to lose your character.

Exhausted Loises
Exhausted Loises are traits that can make enemies more menacing. While some are only for the purpose of roleplay, there are plenty of abilities that can make battles much more intense.

In addition, game lore is also expanded on. Many historical events and characters are introduced, giving the GM more material to use for stories.

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