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Any number of players (including 1) • Age 8 - 108

DICEWORDS comes in a smart tube, small enough to fit in your pocket. But despite its size this game is certainly substantial! There are nine special alphabet dice, featuring letters on their faces, and score values depending on how usable they are in the English language (Q is worth 9, E only 1...etc). 

Play passes around the table. On your turn you have up to 3 rolls in which to build ONE high-scoring word. So you roll all the dice to begin with (that’s your first roll), then typically keep the letters which suggest a word and reroll the other dice, aiming to get the letters you need. After your third roll (or earlier if you want) you declare your word and add the appropriate score to your running total. 

A word score is derived from adding up the values of the letters in the declared word and then multiplying this by the number of letters in the word. If I tell you that U is also worth 1 point, then you can work out that QUEUE will have a face value of 13. But remember we multiply this ‘word value’ by the number of letters in the word. So QUEUE would score you 13x5 = 65. 

This multiplying function means longer words can yield significantly more points, especially if you use the more awkward letters (word scores of over 200 points are possible, although very rare). But don’t worry about the maths; the package includes ready-reckoner sheets so you can just look up the scores.

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