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Degenesis: The Killing Game RPG

Degenesis: The Killing Game RPG


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Welcome to Franka. It’s the year 2596. Death lurks in the shadows of the swamps and hatred breeds in the hearts of the envious. To the north, spores fall from the sky, to the south, there are rumors of war. For ten years, Lady Luck has smiled on Hamza and inspired the Raider to ever-riskier endeavors. However, the frenzy of success draws enemies into the orbit of the Neolibyan Raider. They lust for his wealth, his power and his reputation. In their eyes, Hamza bleeds out the land; he is the source of the depletion of Franka and needs to die. 


The chainsaws are well oiled, the revolvers are loaded and the rage burns. The smell of an imminent rebellion mingles with the salty sea breeze – one spark, and the time of peace will be over. Forever.

This book reveals the details of the machinations on the southern coast of Franka and leads experienced players even deeper into the world of DEGENESIS.

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