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DCC RPG compatible adventure: Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign

DCC RPG compatible adventure: Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign

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Adventure into the domain of the wild elves in this Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG compatible adventure (adapts to any fantasy RPG)

The Adventure

This 20-page, stand-alone adventure is created for the DCC RPG system in a PDF, or in a softcover PRINT format. It can be adapted to any fantasy RPG system. The adventure is primarily for low-level characters and newer players. In testing, it was also enjoyed by veteran gamers of all ages. It is not setting specific and can be placed into any fantasy world near ancient woodlands.

Background: War is looming. The Earl of Nanch and his neighboring elven kingdom are sharpening the spears of aggression. Those on the border are split between two dangerous dynasts. 

Pressed into duty for lord and country, the peasants and gong farmers of Nanch find themselves in a strange and unnerving forest full of denizens older than the practice of naming. 

In this new world, the rules of life and death are a game of whimsy practiced by fantastic forces, and bizarre ancient feuds re-ignite in the chaos of war. Those errant attendants of Nanch will be fortunate to survive the madness of either ruler!

The adventure spans a series of strange and otherworldly encounters with the magical and surreal denizens of Greenwood—while under the incompetence, cowardice, and bullying of Pertrub (one of the King's footmen). 

As the encounters continue, signs of the Earl's fate are everywhere. The players must pick up clues and begin to grasp the realities behind them! 

The adventure features a number of visual puzzles with handouts to help the players solve them.

Players will need courage to face an assortment of unsuspected and cunning enemies, wits to survive the magical forces and clever snares, and a silver tongue to make quick friends out of foes.

In the End...

After the players believe they have escaped, they encounter a powerful manifestation of King Leaprilox! 

Should the party survive this epic showdown—or figure out how to escape it, they will return to town and be readied for a life of adventure and daring: (from the module)

As you exit Greenwood, you realize your psyche has been forever altered. So much sorcery and death, so much caprice and devious whimsy have forced you to peer into the crazed world beyond your sheltered reality. You are hopelessly drawn by the unbelievable mystery of the land beyond your village. Back home, food tastes bland, colors seem muted, your daily work a half-forgotten memory. You are no longer capable of sustaining a mundane life. A path of heroics has opened. You have tasted of courage, wit, cunning, wizardry and faith. Something within has been awakened and cannot slumber!

Their adventure has just begun! They are now ready for the world of wonderful adventures that DCC RPG system has available. This is the best aspect of the DCC universe. There is a host of well written and amazing adventures awaiting the players. 



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