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Cutthroat Caverns - reduced price* - Leisure Games

Cutthroat Caverns - reduced price*

Smirk & Dagger

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Card Game; 3-6 Players; Ages 12+

Watch Your Back! Yesterday it was fun. Amusing even. Whoever landed the most killing blows of the day got bragging rights and the first pick of treasure - a jeweled dagger, a sack of opals, an arcane scroll. The evening's ale tasted all the sweeter for it.

But today, you've unearthed the Sacred Item of Unimaginable Marvel, an all-consuming artifact of untold power - and everything's changed. Now the first pick of treasure is the only pick that matters. Or will ever matter again. It sings to you. And you'll do anything to get it. But be careful. You'll still need their help to get out of the caverns alive. Remember well these words Without teamwork, you will never survive. Without betrayal, you'll never win. Welcome to Cutthroat Caverns.

Contents: 25 Oversized Encounter cards 1 Monster Life Tracker 6 Character Score Cards 75 Action/Attack Cards 6 Initiative Cards Markers and tokens

A few words from the creator: Well, it wouldn't be a Smirk and Dagger Game if, in the end, you weren't getting a chuckle out of stabbing a friend in the back. But in this game, we've sought to increase the impact of the betrayal by creating an environment that forces players to work together. And the game does that very well.
After finding this Unimaginable Wonder deep in the caverns, your party immediately decides to get to the surface. But between you and the exit are no less than nine encounters and each one is a very real threat to the adventurer's lives. The only way out is to work together to defeat all the creatures revealed in the Encounter Deck. And make no mistake, without teamwork, they will all meet very gruesome ends and there will be no winner.
To win, however, a player must do whatever it takes to make sure HE or SHE lands the final blow that kills the most prestigious beasts. Only the player landing the killing blow will be credited with Prestige Points. Therein lies the real meat of the game. Players jockey for position, doing just enough damage in an initiative round to increase their odds of landing a killing blow when their turn rolls around again. Do too much and the creature will die sooner but you may pave the way for a party member to steal the kill from you. Do too little and the creature will quickly overwhelm and punish the party for holding back or deliberately trying to sabotage other players. The decision is yours.
Each turn, the fate of the party is in your hands. Do you swing for a whopping 50 points of damageE or simply play Feint for 0 points this turn, awaiting a more opportune moment to strike and set up the kill for yourself? When another player is poised to bring down the creature, will you Edge Out your friend and cancel their attack even when doing so may mean subjecting the party to the fell beast's abusive attack? Since everyone will be choosing and setting an attack secretly you'll never know how bad off you are til the round is over. Sound like fun?

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