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Crown of Roses - Leisure Games

Crown of Roses


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For 2-4 players, ages 16+, playing time around 180 minutes.

Crown of Roses is a 3-hour block game set during the turbulent years of the Wars of the Roses in 15th Century England. This 35-year long conflict saw the extinction of a large number of noble houses, and would eventually set the house of Tudor upon the throne.

In Crown of Roses, players take on the roles of the dynastic giants - the House of Lancaster and their Beaufort cousins, and the House of York. The four player game adds in the powerful House of Stafford, and the ever-scheming Richard Neville and his son, Richard of Warwick, the 'Kingmaker'. Using intuitive mechanics, Crown of Roses offers players a historical feeling with tremendous strategic depth and excellent replayability. Unit starting locations vary with each turn and even with each game, and the use of blocks creates the 'fog of war' of limited intelligence on enemy strength and deployment. Random game events throw a touch of the chaos of the era into the mix, and the multiple uses for the player action cards leads to a level of uncertainty where enemy plans are concerned.

Rules and Play Booklets

2 Counter Sheets

110 Playing Cards

Four Player Aid Cards

Full Color Map

12 six-sided dice

Wooden blocks

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