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Combat Leader: Winter War - Leisure Games

Combat Leader: Winter War

Minden Games

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Combat Leader: Winter War is an expansion for the man-to-man WW2 game Combat Leader: East Front '41.

Winter War covers the Finnish-Soviet Winter War of 1939-1940. It includes maps 7 & 8 (8.5" x 11", double-sided), Finnish counter set G, Russian counter set H, Winter War Reference Card, four scenarios, full rules (13 pages).

It was published as part of the magazine Panzer Digest #13.

A separate version is published in 2017:

Combat Leader: Winter War focuses on the Finnish-Soviet Winter War of 1939-40. Although this is not a new release, we are offering this edition for the first time. It comes with two maps (#7 & #8), two counter sheets (G & H) featuring Finnish and Russian squads, a Reference Card, and 16-page rules booklet.

Special rules cover Snow, winterized troops, and the Finns, who have special rules to cover their characteristic sturdy, self-sufficient fighting spirit. The game includes four scenarios, and, like other games in the series, is fully compatible with other Combat Leader games.

Combat Leader: Winter War was originally published in Panzer Digest #13 (which is now out of print). If you do not already own this game, now is an excellent opportunity to add it to your collection.

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