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Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honour

Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honour

Academy Games

  • £39.99

Conflict of Heroes expansion from Academy Games.

Either 'Awakening the Bear', or 'Storms of Steel' are required for this product. September 1st, 1939. Germany invades Poland in the early morning hours. The Germans employ highly mobile massed tank formations, closely supported by mobile artillery and their air force - the Luftwaffe. The world would come to know this form of warfare as the 'Blitzkrieg'. The Germans overwhelm the Polish forces and in a desperate bid to survive the Poles are ordered to mass together near the Romanian border, where they will try to hold out until their allies invade Germany from the west. But then the Soviets launch a surprise attack against the Poles from the East, cutting through their weakly defended border and fulfilling their secret pact with Germany to divide Poland between their two nations. Awakening the Bear had the Soviets overwhelming the Germans with their monster KV and T-34 tanks. Only the quick German command network and crew training allowed the Panzer tanks to sometimes tactically beat the Russians. Then we introduced the new German Tiger and Panther battle tanks with Storms of Steel. With Price of Honour, we are proud to introduce the 1939 KING OF THE BATTLEFIELD, the mighty armored cars and Panzer I and II tanks! You will feel the exhiliration as your tin cans on wheels roll in to save the day. The Price of Honour expansion game offers a totally new gaming experience to owners of AtB and SoS! Designer's Note: Michael Ozon, myself and our staff have worked on this expansion project for over 1.5 years and I am very happy with the results. Since this is an expansion, we could immediately present players with very challenging and exciting firefights that are presented in chronological order. I feel that this game is one of the best learning tools for anyone interested in the Polish invasion of 1939. The campaign overview and firefights describe the political, military and tactical dilemmas faced by the leaders of all countries involved. Then players refight the battles, experiencing the trials of the Polish, German and Soviet forces. The campaign was very hard fought and we have tried to dispel many of the myths that have evolved since the war. I hope that you enjoy this game. -Uwe Eickert

Price of Honour is an expansion which requires either of the award winning games - Awakening the Bear! or Storms of Steel! In it, players are presented with the same tactical dilemmas and decisions that commanders faced during some of the most ferocious engagements of WWII. The Price of Honour expansion includes: 2 - 15x19 inch geomorphic mounted map boards that integrate with the maps of all other CoH games. 210 - LARGE 1' square early war counters depicting armored cars, tankettes, pioneers, cavalry, bi-planes, anti-tank guns, early war MGs and many more. Counter sheet #3 includes all updated counters for Awakening the Bear! 2 - player summary sheets, a customized plastic counter storage tray 32 page firefight book with a full historical overview and 16 firefights, 12 of which can be played with Awakening the Bear! and 12 with Storms of Steel! A rule book summarizing the Conflict of Heroes Eastern Theater games and units from 1939-43

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