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Combat Leader: Volkssturm '45 - Leisure Games

Combat Leader: Volkssturm '45

Minden Games

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Combat Leader: Volkssturm '45 is an expansion for the Combat Leader game system. You must own the core rules for Combat Leader to use it. It includes new counters for German Volkssturm troops, a new 1st line Russian squad, map 5, and instruction folder.
The new rules govern the use of Volkssturm in scenarios and include provisions for panzerfausts, improvised weapons (such as antique rifles, shotguns, and the MP 3008 machine pistol), as well as rule modifications to simulate the use of these citizen soldiers. Scenario VKS-1 (Outskirts of Berlin) is also included, simulating fighting taking place in greater Berlin, May 1945.
While some Volkssturm units acquitted themselves well in battle, many others melted away after contact with the enemy. These irregular troops faced desperate situations as best they could. Using Volkssturm can also be an excellent play balance mechanism; allowing the better player to take the Germans against a novice Russian can make for an exciting contest.
If you are a fan of the Combat Leader game system, you will enjoy what this expansion offers.

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