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Combat Leader: Solitaire Module - Leisure Games

Combat Leader: Solitaire Module 2nd Edition

Minden Games

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Product is 2nd Edition.

Description for 1st Edition below

Minden GamesThe newest module for the COMBAT LEADER game system is now available. COMBAT LEADER: SOLITAIRE MODULE allows you to play solitaire using an easy, playable method of play. Includes 20-page, illustrated rule booklet, two counter sheets (E & F), one extra set of Markers, and Map 6 (farmland). Ziplocked. The rules allow you to play solo any of the original six CL: Eastfront '41 scenarios, with the system playing the German or Russian opposition. Also included are four new Encounter scenarios, especially made for solitaire play. Finally, a Quick Scenario Generator lets you create your own CL scenarios, quickly and easily. You must own the core rules of Combat Leader: East Front '41 to use this module. You must own the CL: Expansion set to play one of the new Encounter scenarios. As mentioned, this module adds two new new German and two new Russian squads (plus extra men, and some heavy weapons), extra game markers, and a new map. This is a complete package to expand your enjoyment of this tactical WW2 infantry game system.

With this module, you will be good to go playing and creating a myriad of new and existing situations, all specifically designed for solo play. Order your copy today.

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