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Combat Leader: East Front '41 - Leisure Games

Combat Leader: East Front '41

Minden Games

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Combat Leader: East Front is the original game of the series, and contains all game components and standard rules (plus advanced options) necessary to play.  Players command a single German or Russian squad in rural (and varied) terrain during the initial months of Operation Barbarossa in 1941.  Besides the supplied scenarios, there is an almost limitless number of situations you can design on your own. 
     Soldiers are armed with various weapons, which include the German GewehrK98K Mauser rifle, MP38 machine pistol, and MG 34 light machine gun, and the Russian Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifle, PPSh-41 machine pistol, and DP 1928 light machine gun.  Each weapon has its own characteristics for range, penetration, effectiveness, and reliability.  Enough men are supplied (33 for each side) to fit out squads of many different varieties. 
     Supplied scenarios include:  Clash of Squads (CL1), Meeting Engagement (CL2), Hotel Henn (CL3), Scamble at Dusk (CL4), Reconnaissance in Force (CL5), and Breakthrough (CL6).  Each scenario has its own victory conditions, special rules, and play variants.
     The game comes complete with Map 1 & Map 2 (8.5"x11" each),  German counter set A (60 counters & markers), Russian counter set B (60 counters & markers), two identical double-sided Reference Cards, three double-sided Scenario Cards (with six scenarios), and 12-page illustrated rule booklet.


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