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City of Mist Starter Set

Son of Oak Game Studio

  • £16.99

The investigation begins! Introduce yourself and your friends to the basics of City of Mist with this widely-praised Starter Set, including seven beautiful laminated A3-sized character folios that also double as posters and a rulebook containing all you need to run City of Mist games.

Play as the fiery plumber Salamander, the exquisite yet destructive Excalibur, the dream-realizing antiques dealer Declan L’Estrange, the haunted undead assassin Post-Mortem, the deformed ex-boxer Mitosis, the hipster hacker Flicker, or the teenage fox spirit Kitsune! Each character includes four themes, Mysteries to explore, Identities to uphold (or get you into trouble) and options for development.

The Starter Set includes two playable Cases (scenarios).

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