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Chronicle - reduced price* - Leisure Games

Chronicle - reduced price*

Z-Man Games

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Z-Man GamesA trick taking card game for 3-6 players, approximate duration 30 minutes.
Published by Z-Man Games, designed by Seiji Kanai.

A new chapter in the Chronicle is about to be
written, those who do the best at securing the allies that best deal with the problems of the age will be the ones to earn the fame, and potentially the game.
Every round a History card is turned face up, this will
dictate the type of cards that will win a player fame points and therefore the type of cards they will be trying to win through taking the tricks. For example - if the History card Monsters Attack is turned face up, players will be trying to collect 'Power' cards, as cards of the 'Power' suit will best be able to drive off the monsters.
There are some twists in the game, of course, as different card powers may affect cards already played to the trick, or allow players to discard unwanted cards they have already collected. Players must watch each other's collected cards very carefully, as only the strongest set of required cards will win fame - or it may be a player who manages to collect evil cards that will gain the fame.
Chronicle takes around 30 minutes to play, and can be played by between 3 and 6 players (4-5 is recommended)... will your name be the one written into the Chronicle?

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