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Champions of the North - reduced price* - Leisure Games

Champions of the North - reduced price*

Hero Games

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The United States isn’t the only place in the Champions Universe with superheroes and villains! Superhumans exist all over the world, and nowhere more prominently than Canada. Though it seems like a calm and easygoing place to many outsiders, the Great White North is home to more than a few superbattles, villainous plots, and evil conspiracies... just the sort of things your heroes need to deal with!

Champions Of The North is your guide to Canada in the Champions Universe. It includes:

—a history of Canada covering both the real world and the world of Champions

—a review of modern Canada including its provinces, cities, politics, laws, culture, and aboriginal peoples

—a section on gamemastering Champions campaigns set in Canada, or games where heroes from other countries visit Canada

—information on Canada and her superbeings in the Champions Universe, including new heroes like the members of Toronto’s StarForce and new supervillains like Borealis, Tilingkoot, and Necrull

Get ready for superheroic adventure north of the border with Champions Of The North!

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