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Champion of the Wild Second Edition

Champion of the Wild Second Edition

Big Imagination

  • £23.99

For 3-8 players, ages 8+, playing time around 20-90 minutes.

The Champion of the Wild is a unique, family-friendly social card game in which players vie for crown of becoming the world's best animal coach. Pitching players in a world where they can communicate faultlessly with animals & have taken up a career in coaching them to sporting success, the game sold out within a few weeks in October 2018 & it's now coming back with a new and improved Second Edition.
For the basic game, coaches choose one single animal to represent them across 3 different physical events, planning their strategies to maximise their animal's performance against the athletes chosen by the other players. Events include a wide range of activities, from hide and seek to 100m sprint to animal stacking... 
Where should you tell your beaver hide in a stately home? Will you opt for a water lane in the 100m? What formation will you use to stack the beavers if only one can touch the ground?
The Second Edition comes with additional rules to allow drafting of coaches' animal hands & 4 new game modes, as well as a load of new animals and events.
Do you have what it takes to become The Champion of the Wild? 
Info :
Players - 3-8
Time - 20-90 mins, depending on which game mode (usually 20-35)

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