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Castles & Crusades: U3 Verdant Rage - Leisure Games

Castles & Crusades: U3 Verdant Rage - reduced

Troll Lord Games

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For many long years the Druid Argus has kept the Forest of Everwood safe. His struggles have pitted him against foes great and small. But no matter the challenge he has always found the wherewithal to overcome evil. But his researches have of late gone foul. In his obsessive quest to keep the forest at peace and all those within it safe from harm he has sought for and gained access to the Liber Mortis. That dread book of the undead has ever been a bane to men, for within it dusty pages lay the knowledge of the other side. Argus's lust has led him astray for the book has corrupted and made of him a monstrosity the likes of which the forest realm has not seen in many a long year. He has bent his power towards evil and turned the forest into a place of dread and worse he has bound those of the fey to him and made them creatures of nightmare. So it is that the Dryad Eva has come to the Halls of Men seeking aid for her kin and her forest. Verdant Rage is a Castles & Crusades adventure module designed for characters of 3rd - 5th level with a challenge rating of 4-6.

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