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Castles & Crusades: Of Gods and Monsters Digest - Leisure Games

Castles & Crusades: Of Gods and Monsters Digest

Troll Lord Games

  • £7.99

Mythic epics are the driving force behind fantasy role playing games! Castles & Crusades is no exception. Here for the first time C&C branches out into the ether and brings you OF Gods & Monsters a book we guarantee you'll want and use. Written by James M. Ward this book stands along side the Monsters & Treasure as a tremendous resource for adventure and fun.

James M. Ward returns to a subject he knows very well and delivering a plethora of information on hosts of gods, godlings, heroes and the magic that drives them. In Of Gods & Monsters Mr. Ward explores over 16 pantheons including Norse, Greek, Roman, American Indian, Aihrdian, Inzaen, demi-human pantheons and more. Beyond a simple recitation of deities, Of Gods & Monsters present playable incarnations of the gods in the guise of their own avatars. The deft and experienced hand of Mr. Ward explores spells, magic items, rituals and more.

Castle Keepers need not struggle with characters encountering all powerful deities, but rather they can use the avatars to spice up and drive adventures of the mythic and the divine. These avatars and designed to be playable version of the gods, but not the gods themselves. Complimented with mythic monsters and holy items Of Gods & Monsters is a must have for any serious CK.

But its not for the CK alone. Players find loads of information from hosts of new cleric and druid spells to rituals of the divine. Clerics, Druids, Paladins, Bards and all the characters benefit from Of Gods & Monsters.

Graced with a beautiful painting by Peter '20 Dollar' Bradley, lined with hordes of pictures of the gods themselves, Of Gods & Monsters is a perfect compliment to the ever growing C&C game system.

To avoid further delays in this book's release we are releasing it immediately as a perfect bound book. Pre-orders will begin shipping on the 12th and 13th of October. Everyone who ordered a book will be refunded the balance owed and shipping charges. Thank you for the support. - TLG

WHO NEEDS THIS? Players and Castle Keepers find a store of useful game material in this book.

Author: James M. Ward Cover Art: Peter Bradley Interior Art: Peter Bradley, Jason Walton, Meghan Hetrick, Jim Holloway, Biran Swartz, Nathan Nagata, Sarah 'Dreamie' Walker, Alayna Lemmer Editors: Cory Caserta

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