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Castles & Crusades: Death in the Treklant

Castles & Crusades: Death in the Treklant

Troll Lord Games

  • £6.99

Journey on a wild adventure that takes you from Vakund, the Tower of the Dog, to the dungeons of Dzeebagd and beyond to Felsentheim and the Dogs of War. This is Death in the Treklant. Now in one volume, enjoy the brutal adventure that helped launch Castles & Crusades. Death in the Treklant includes three adventures, played together or separately. Death in the Treklant is an adventure series for 4-6 characters of 2nd-4th level. It provides intense action, including a large-scale siege, and it requires heroes of high mind and daring spirit. Such heroes shall long linger in the halls of memory.

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