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Castles & Crusades: A10 - The Last Respite

Castles & Crusades: A10 - The Last Respite

Troll Lord Games

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Troll Lord Games
Across the long expanse of the Luneberg Plains and along the border of the Blasted Heath lies that region known as the Defemlan. This is a horrid place filled with the nasty, bile retched forth from Aufstrag many ages ago. But it was not always such. Once, long ago, that most fabled of creatures, a unicorn, dwelt here. This great stag made the fields its home and ruled the lands all about. He met not with man or elf, dwarf or gnome but rather kept all the fey safe from harm. That was before the coming of the dark and the horned one. As with all things in those days the stag vanished and its horn was consumed by Aufstrag.

But some would not have it so. Some say the unicorn lives and brings hope to the wretched souls who live there still. But the lords of Aufstrag would know and they would destroy the beast if it lives still.

If any adventurer is worth their metal, they will sally forth into the Defemlan in search of the fabled Unicorn. The search will be a race against the agents of evil as they too search for this creature and take any hero down paths only fools would not tread. Fear for everything here is maleficent and bent on killing the living save one place, that last respite of man.

For 3-5 characters, level 10-12

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