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Burgermeister! - Leisure Games


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  • £9.99

For 2-6 players, ages 6+, playing time around 15 minutes.

Be the "Top Bun" with this fast paced card game! Build a burger with cards and add the right sides.

Burgermeister! is a fast paced card game in which players build their best burger and try to be the first to top it off with an elusive Top Bun. Sounds easy, right? It might be. But first, you have to avoid poor quality ingredients, keep an eye on players who want to Swipe your prized tomato, and throw in a few tasty EXTRAs to spice up your offering. With a bit of luck and a few wily tricks you just might be the next Burgermeister of Hamburger Hill !

It's a game designed by Brian Van Camp
and illustrations are from Thilo Krapp.
It's a 2 to 6 players game, ages 6 and up.

Contains 101 Cards:
12 Bun Cards (3 Top, 3 Middle, 6 Bottom)
53 Item Cards (13 Meat, 7 Onion, 9 Tomato, 6 Pickle, 8 Cheese, 4 Olive, 6 Lettuce)
12 Extra Cards (3 Cola, 3 Fries, 3 Ketchup, 3 Mayo)
19 Action Cards (2 Spill, 3 Recycle, 3 Spoiled, 2 Refill, 3 Swap, 3 Shortage, 3 Swipe)
2 Rule Cards (1 in English, 1 in German)
3 Blank Cards

Also includes the Promo Extra Card: Pie.

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