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BRP: Enlightened Magic + complimentary PDF - Leisure Games

BRP: Enlightened Magic + complimentary PDF


  • £15.99

Enter a world of subtle, vastly powerful magic that exists unseen in the modern day. This is the world of Enlightened Magic, where sorcerers bend the laws of reality in ways that largely pass unnoticed, while alchemists distill magical substances that can perform wonders and create works of art that alter the minds of all who see them. The most powerful Enlightened magicians can alter the destiny of nations, step from one continent to another in a heartbeat, and even reshape their own souls or those of others.

A magic supplement for use with the Basic Roleplaying system, Enlightened Magic introduces two complete magic systems (Enlightened Sorcery and Enlightened Alchemy), and includes rules for creating mystically enlightened Seers and powerful enchanted items, as well as details on magical rituals and alchemical procedures.

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