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Battletech: Starterbook: Sword & Dragon

Battletech: Starterbook: Sword & Dragon


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House Davion and House Kurita are ancient enemies, with centuries of war and bloodshed staining the worlds along their mutual border. Despite recent years of relative peace between the sword and dragon, or the commands of a House leader on a far-off capital, only the annihilation of the enemy with suffice. Sorenson's Sabres: A detached command from the legendary Fifth Sword of Light, Sorenson's Sabres are a deadly unit among the elite of House Kurita's samurai, dedicated to cutting a swath through new and ancient enemies alike. Fox's Teeth: McKinnon's Company of House Davion's Seventh Crucis Lancers, the detached 'Fox's Teeth' have been an independent raiding force for centuries, their lightning hit-and-run tactics making them equally respected and feared. A new series, the Starterbooks are a perfect way to jump into the further excitement of the Classic BattleTech universe once players have tried their hands at BattleTech. Starterbook: Sword and Dragon provides a short synopsis of the conflicts between the ancient enemies of House Davion and House Kurita, as well as a brief history and personal dossiers on the members of these two legendary combat commands. Including record sheets for everyone in the command - which includes eight, never-before-seen 'Mech variants - as well as a unique track system that allows players to develop their own scenarios, players will be firing autocannons and tossing PPC lightning at one another in no time!

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