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Battle Over Britain

Battle Over Britain

Minden Games

  • £9.99

Battle over Britain is the first in a game series featuring single plane-vs-plane air combat in WW2. Play is driven from a standard deck of cards (which you supply), one die, plane ratings (Speed, Agility, Firepower, Performance, Durability), and your skill. Includes 20-page illustrated rules (standard rules, optional rules, solitaire rules, and 'roleplay' options for customizing pilot flying abilities), historical scenarios, Battle of Britain (1940) campaign game, and set of 16 airplane counters, Dogfight Display, and Reference Card. Planes included are Supermarine Spitfire I, Boulton Paul Defiant, Gloster Gladiator, Hawker Hurricane I, Me-109E Emil, Me-110C, and Ju-87 Stuka. Fast, furious, and fun... Tally Ho!

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