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Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles 2nd Edition - Leisure Games

Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles 2nd Edition

Worthington Games

  • £69.99

Fight with the 101st Airborne in Europe in 1944-45 through some of the toughest fighting in WWII.

What’s new to Screaming Eagles Second Edition:

Stronger and larger box. All of the maps have the new remastered artwork and are mounted. An up-to-date series rule book. New and extra counters. An improved, graphical player aid card. Counters and scenario book updated to the new Proficiency system.

What is the benefit of the updated Screaming Eagles Counters?

Counter sheets include extra features for owners of the original Screaming Eagles: They update the infantrycounters to the new streamlined proficiency system. Extra counters are included to provide dedicated Decoys for both the Germans and Americans. PzIVH counters for Ghost Panzer with the correct speed are included too. Extra counters are included of some of the vehicle and infantry types.

Game comes with mounted game boards, counter sheets, rules and scenarios, dice, and counter tray.

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