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Awaken - Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook - Leisure Games

Awaken - Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook - reduced price*

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Where does the power end, and soul begin? We may never know the answer during battles, wars, and political struggles, especially if people define themselves through power. But is that a path of humanity?  Awaken is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a dark, war-ravaged fantasy world heavily influenced by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore, where the forgotten mythologies have resurfaced as Vasalli, powerful humans gifted with abilities capable of changing the course of history. Legends are told of inhumanly strong and fast Vasalli, their abilities to manipulate minds or dreams, or walk between the worlds. But it is told they are also cursed by their Gifts.  What will be your path?  

     Inside the Awaken rulebook you’ll find: A dark, war-ravaged fantasy universe influenced by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore. A complete game system with intuitive and light rules, which help you tell a story rather than burden you down. Streamlined rules for Character creation and guidelines for Narrators, including examples of antagonists. A Story suitable for venturing into the world of Awaken.

Game Information: Number of players: 3-6, Dice: D6, 5 or more

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