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Atlantis, The Second Age: Action Deck - Leisure Games

Atlantis, The Second Age: Action Deck - reduced

Khepera Publishing

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Khepera PublishingWith the ATLANTIS: The Second Age Action Deck the game master and the players can add another facet to their sword and sorcery adventure games. The cards are play and idea aids to help embellish the action as it happens while making the player heroes more heroic. The Action Deck helps Gamemasters and players emulate the ebb and flow of action in a sword and sorcery adventure story. The deck includes:
52 full color cards for use with ATLANTIS: The Second Age
Special moves that augment the Hero's abilities
Dilemmas that thwart the hero
Plot Twist cards to add flavor and a sense of chaos t the game.
Complete rules on how to use the deck in your ATLANTIS: The Second Age game
The Atlantis: Action Deck requires the use of the ATLANTIS: The Second Age Role-playing game

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