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Ars Magica: Houses of Hermes - Societates (softcover)

Ars Magica: Houses of Hermes - Societates (softcover)

Atlas Games

  • £21.99

Within the Order of Hermes, four Houses are drawn together by a common cause. These are the Societates. House Flambeau celebrates fighting for a cause; the justice of the cause and the honor of the fighter are equally important. House Jerbiton seeks beauty in life: creating it, preserving it, and living it. House Tytalus thrives on combat: between nature and law in the soul of the magus, and with the world around him. Finally, House Ex Miscellanea gathers many diverse traditions, from healers tracing their lineage to ancient Greece, to necromancers with barely a century of history. This book details the Societates, providing vital rules and background for your saga.

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