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Anzio / Cassino

Anzio / Cassino

Worthington Games

  • £39.99

War Game from Worthington Games

Anzio / Cassino is the first game in Mike Rinella's Battle Command Series with Worthington Games that will be released in the summer 2010.

The Battle Command Series are quick playing games with large 7/8' counters, a double sided map board, rules, and dice. Each battle has 4 pages of rules. Units are rated for their strength and movement, as well an endurance rating that reflect how much damage a unit can sustain in combat. Each battle includes 2 scenario's, one for the complete campaign, and one for a shorter scenario. In Anzio for example you get a scenario starting with Operation Shingle running from January 22 to February 20, 1944. Each turn represents five days of combat, and each hex is about 2 miles across.

The game is playable in 1 to 2 hours maximum.

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