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Warhammer Ancient Battles: Chariot Wars

Warhammer Ancient Battles: Chariot Wars

Warhammer Historical Society

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Warhammer Historical Supplement by Warhammer Historical Society

Chariot Wars contains army lists for use with Warhammer Ancient Battles. Seven detailed lists cover the greatest empires of the ancient Middle East -- 2500 BC to 500 BC: the age of chariot warfare. Each list covers one of the following great empires and nations, including allies and opponents, historical background information, and descriptions of troop types: Sumerian & Akkadian New Kingdom Egyptian Hammurabic Babylonia Empire Hittite Empire Mycenaean Greek and Trojan Armies The Israelites Assyrian Empire (including Babylonians)

Chariot Wars is also a sourcebook of historical information for each army list, including detailed timelines of historical wars and campaigns which make use of controversial new research. There are also notes on tactics, painting, military organisation and informative illustrations and colour plates.

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