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Ancient Odysseys: More Treasure Awaits

Ancient Odysseys: More Treasure Awaits

Precis Intermedia

  • £9.99

Unleash even more of your imagination with More Treasure Awaits!' pious clerics and resourceful pathfinders join mighty warriors, powerful wizards, and crafty rogues. Their exploits are no longer limited to ancient dungeons and catacombs, as they venture through the wild landscapes of the surface, and face the crime and trade of towns.

This supplement for the award-winning Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits! adds new options for play, from creating new types of adventurers and building landscapes to spending time in town and procuring goods to tackling new spells, traps, and creatures. Go beyond the basics, while maintaining the same fast-playing and flexible experience.

This digest-sized book requires the Treasure Awaits! PDF, Boxed Set, or Pocket Edition.

'...More Treasure Awaits! is must have for anyone who likes TA!... MTA! weighs in with an additional 52 creatures, 42 spells, 10 traps, 20 page solo adventure... The book fills a very good companion / 'expert set' (for those who get the old Chaosium / TSR comparisons) equivalent for TA!.'

'Great design. The wilderness rules are indeed kick-ass.'

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