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Alien Frontiers Expansion Pack 5

Alien Frontiers Expansion Pack 5

Clever Mojo

  • £4.99

Clever Mojo
This is a game expansion, NOT a complete game.

Originally marketed as part of the �Promo Pack� for the 4th Edition's Kickstarter, the Promo Pack was split into 6 �Expansion Packs�, which Game Salute has been slowly releasing to retail.

4 Alien Tech Cards (for use with Alien Frontiers)
Retrieval Webbing
Shipfitter Drone
Superconductor Grapple
Suppression Matrix
3 Faction Reference Cards
Smuggler's Alliance
Uranian Syndicat
Xeno Exploration Inc
2 Agenda Cards (for use with Alien Frontiers: Factions)
2 Blank Alien Tech Card
1 Blank Agenda Card

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