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Albion (hardcover) - reduced price* - Leisure Games

Albion (hardcover) - reduced price*

Silver Branch Games

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Celtic fantasy roleplaying in a once and future Britain.

The world changed forever in the rapid climate change known as The Shrug and the social upheaval that followed. In Britain the Order of Druids rebuilt, drawing inspiration from the past. Gradually, magic became accessible again; and the doors between worlds swung wider.

The land feels the tug of forces out of common sight. There are groups who believe technology or magic can save or damn humanity. The otherworld is inhabited by powerful and ancient races who have their own plans for Albion. The spirit world holds both helpers and terrible threats. The way the world is responds to what people do - a skill performed well enough can have a semimagical result, and equipment used in such deeds can take on legendary qualities.

The rules resolve actions simply and quickly by counting successes on a pool of six-sided dice. Characters start out pretty competent, and there's less emphasis on improving abilities than on doing stuff. Features include making that extra effort, mowing through groups of henchmen, and a freeform system for developing extraordinary ability in specialised feats.

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