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Advanced Adventures #22: Stonepick Crossing - Leisure Games

Advanced Adventures #22: Stonepick Crossing

Expeditious Retreat Press

  • £7.99

Osric Adventure from Expeditious Retreat Press

The tiny thorp of Stonepick Crossing sits on top of an old dwarven dam holding. The dam was built some 500 years ago, ending a long war between a clan of dwarves and a clan of goblins that infested a highly-defensible cave complex. Recognizing the futility of direct assault, the dwarves built the dam to flood the goblin caves, flushing the foul creatures out of their caves and into the slaughter of honest combat. Now 500 years later, the dwarves have moved on and a small thorp has sprung up. The town is named for the dwarven clan leader who waged war against the goblins, Eltoren Stonepick. Near the protected town atop its dam, farmers till the soil around the lake created by the construction. 1st-3rd level characters

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