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Cthulhu Wars: Abilities Dice Pack

Cthulhu Wars: Abilities Dice Pack

Petersen Games

  • £13.99

This pack includes 10 custom dice to be used with specific faction spellbooks:


  • 5 black and purple "Dread Curse" dice for Opener Of The Ways.
  • 1 white and red "Groth" dice for Black Goat Faction.
  • 1 black and yellow "Desecration" dice for Yellow Sign Faction.
  • 1 black and blue "Thousand Forms" dice for Crawling Chaos Faction.
  • 1 grey and white "Azathoth Awakening" dice for the Azathoth Neutral Faction.
  • 1 grey and pink "Ubbo-Sathla Growth" dice for Tcho Tcho Faction.


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