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A Game of Thrones Card Game - A Flight of Crows Chapter Packs (pre-order)

A Game of Thrones Card Game - A Flight of Crows Chapter Packs (pre-order)

Fantasy Flight Games

  • £84.00

This item is a Pre-Order. To avoid delays in shipping please order this item separately to other items.

As the name implies, the Flight of Crows cycle broadly follows the narrative of A Feast for Crows, drawing on key characters and events from the fourth book in A Song of Ice and Fire. The bestow keyword gathers strength in this cycle, while other new cards provide incentives for the Great Houses to work together using the Banner agendas. With iconic characters and locations like Daario Naharis, The Iron Bank, The Water Gardens, and Mag the Mighty, The Archmaester’s Key is the perfect way to begin a new cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

By pre-ordering the entire Flight of Crows Cycle, we will send you each Chapter Pack as it is released at a reduced price compared to buying each pack individually.

Note: if you select the Complete Cycle option, you will be charged one cost of shipping but will be sent each pack as they go out.

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