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A Dirty World + complimentary PDF - Leisure Games

A Dirty World + complimentary PDF

Arc Dream

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A roleplaying game of angry decisions, ugly ethics, and black city streets. A game of film noir. 'A Dirty World' rethinks the One Roll Engine to focus relentlessly on character. Hard-boiled private eyes, dirty cops and femmes fatale make their hard choices and hide their grubby secrets. 'A Dirty World' features... * A unified conflict mechanic, where gunfights, duels of deceit and emotional blackmail not only work the same way, but fuse seamlessly. * 'Swift Justice' character development. Instead of tracking and spending points, your character's abilities improve in direct reaction to the game's events. * One-Roll Mysteries, a mechanic to spit out intricate plots with one throw of the dice. * Rules that don't merely support drama, they are drama. Only meaningful choices push your character forward. There is no easy way, by definition.

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