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Star Wars LCG: A Dark Time Force Pack - reduced price*

Star Wars LCG: A Dark Time Force Pack - reduced price*

Fantasy Flight Games

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Fantasy Flight Games
Star Wars LCG Expansion Pack

The Battle of Hoth heats up in A Dark Time! Rebel forces prepare for evacuation as Imperial walkers advance and open heavy fire. The sixty cards in A Dark Time reinforce the Hoth trait even as light and dark side forces prepare to clash for control of the desolate ice planet. New Characters, Fighters, and Locations populate the battlefield and encourage strategies built around assaulting damaged objectives and winning the Force struggle.

A Dark Time draws inspiration from the early scenes of The Empire Strikes Back while relating the ongoing tale of the light side's desperate stand on Hoth, but its cards also do more. They simultaneously expand the game's exploration of Hoth and of the Star Wars universe beyond the characters, vehicles, and events captured in the classic films.

Star Wars: The Card Game allows you to recreate you favorite moments from the movies. It also invites you to invent new stories in the Star Wars universe, and the cards from A Dark Time suggest new scenes. It hints at hidden Sith schemes and traces the efforts made to ready the Cloud City carbonite chamber for activation. It draws attention to the black ops work of the Renegade Squadron and to the Gotal survivors of the Clone Wars who hid from Imperial detection amid the wilds of the Outer Rim. A Dark Time presents the challenges facing those besieged Rebels fighting on Hoth, but it also paints a larger picture of galactic conflict between the light and dark sides of the Force throughout multiple star systems.

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